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This entertainment Spanish-Art class is made to meet the needs of each child as well as keep practicing their Spanish while they are learning about the world of art and the artist. Our art lessons provide a learning of Spanish with a story and an art activity that will inspire the child's creativity.  The child will learn a unique way and techniques that the artists use to create their masterpieces. Also, this class will allow the children to inquiry with different mediums and techniques in their own creative way.


Who I am​

​I am a teacher and an Advertising Designer, originally from Lima-Peru. I have been working in the education field for many years. I love to paint, for that reason I created “Pintaremos - Let’s Paint” to teach Spanish while the children are enjoying doing art. In conversations with family and friends, time and time again, the predicament that came up was that they wanted their children to learn Spanish. 

“Pintaremos - Let’s Paint” is a fun way for your child to enjoy and practice Spanish while they are doing art. I am very excited to bring my passion for art and education. I look forward to bringing that passion while teaching your child a new language in a fun and exciting way!

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see".

Edgar Degas


Great way to learn Spanish. My daughter loved all the art activities she made.

Maria Baker 


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