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Welcome to Pintaremos Art & Spanish Classes!


This entertainment Spanish-Art class is made to meet the needs of each child as well as keep practicing their Spanish while they are learning about the world of art and the artist. Our art lessons provide a learning of Spanish with art activities that will inspire the child's creativity by setting out their imagination.  The child will discover a unique way that the artists create their masterpieces. Also, this class will allow the children to inquiry with different mediums and techniques in their own creative way.

What to expect...

Our classes are once a week; School-Age - 1 hour and 15 minutes, Preschool - 45 minutes. Each class starts with a brief story in Spanish that guides into a fun art activity that creates a hands-on art experience.  We focus on a different artist/painter each week by exploring their artwork and practicing different techniques.  


We feel it is the process of creating art that is most important rather than focusing on the product. A child will also feel excitement when they look at their artwork as they explore the different ways to create art.  Our lessons are given for inspiration and for the children to learn about the world of art and the joy of discovery. We also believe that it is important to give kids the chance to learn another language by developing their creativity and imagination. This way, every activity will be more fun, engaging your child in every possible way.


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